Announcing the Hell’s Half Acre four-pack – 2015 Release

Wednesday, March 29th


Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. announces 2015 release of new 4-pack series, Hell’s Half Acre.


August 8th, 2014 – With a focus on producing award winning craft brews, Rahr & Sons will begin a new Limited Release 4-pack series in 2015 with 2 new beer styles planned for 2015 and additional styles to follow in 2016. The 4-pack series will be named “Hell’s Half Acre” as a nod to the notorious historical area of downtown Fort Worth. Nothing in Fort Worth’s history is quite as wild as “Hell’s Half Acre,” a rough and rowdy district filled with saloons, dance halls, gambling parlors, and bordellos. This area thrived in the late 1800s, when cowboys on the Chisholm Trail would stop by, kick up their heels, and patronize the “lonesome doves.” Hell’s Half Acre was located on the south end of downtown along Commerce and Calhoun Streets. The scandalous activities of Hell’s Half Acre ebbed and flowed throughout the early 1900s. The era of Hell’s Half Acre finally ended when the land was cleared to build the Tarrant County Convention Center in the 1960s. Rahr & Sons hopes to revive the wild and rowdy ways of “The Acre” with a series of big and bold brews worthy of their namesake.


“We felt that the wild and rowdy reputation of the area known as Hell’s Half Acre was the perfect match for our Limited Series of big, bold beers planned for this venture. Hell’s Half Acre managed to push through prohibition and side-step it’s way into the history books. Our 4-pack series will feature a Rahr family illustration of the human manifestation of “Prohibition” knocking at your door. Here’s to the repeal of prohibition and here’s to Hell’s Half Acre!” -Fritz Rahr


Rahr & Sons will continue to expand it’s offerings thru the Hell’s Half Acre series continually pushing the envelope and seeking national awards for innovative brews.