A Few Of Our Partners

  • Best Little Brewfest in Texas
  • Fort Worth Food & Wine Festival
  • Fort Worth Music Festival
  • Rahr Football Club

Event Sponsorship

We love partnering with groups and organizations, especially when it gives us a chance to support a worthy cause while getting the Rahr & Sons name in front of beer-loving people.

Unfortunately we can't give away all our beer, so we limit sponsorships to 501(c)3 fundraisers and we have a committee set up to determine appropriate sponsorship opportunities for the brewery.

Please give us at least a month's advance notice to process sponsorship requests. Due to time constraints, it's possible that requests sent with less than four weeks notice will be overlooked. Be aware that if your sponsorship request is approved, it will be the responsibility of your organization to pick up the beer donation from the brewery and to return any equipment and/or promotional items borrowed for the event in good condition and in a timely manner.

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Rahr Recycles

Rahr & Sons Brewing Co. is constantly looking at new, innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint...

All brewery and office lighting is motion controlled to cut down on energy usage. Our heat exchange system transfers heat to save natural gas, water and energy. Most of our full time employees bike to work on a regular basis and often ride together to local Rahr pint nights and events!

Doing our part to make Texas cows happy...

After each brew day, Farmer Jack - an officer of the Texas Hereford Association - brings a trailer to the brewery and hauls away more than a ton (literal weight) of spent grain left over from the brewing process. The grain is taken back to his farm as a special treat for his cattle (we hear they're particularly fond of the grain used to make Rahr's Red!). So, the next time you're driving down a Texas highway and you see a group of cows that really, truly seem to be smiling, feel free to smile and nod back at them because you know their secret.

Helping our customers minimize their impact...

Our cardboard casebox "punch-out" window design provides two free promotional coasters per box. All of the cardboard and plastic products used in the brewery and during the brewing process are collected and sent to a local recycling facility once a week, and all of the Rahr gift shop bags are donated and re-used.